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Kong Silbi Passah is a renowned Khasi-Jaintia artist, composer, poet, playwright and school teacher. She has done a lot to uphold Khasi and Pnar traditional music, dance and folk drama not only as a school teacher but as an instructor of traditional drama, music and the arts in general. She is a prolific script writer for theatre in Khasi, Pnar and Hindi as well as being a singer, lyricist and poet. She has earned repute and a number of awards at the state, national and international level for her contribution to the arts. These include, U Tirot Sing Award for Art & Literature, the National Award for Teachers for educational excellence, the NETV ‘Lifetime Achievement in Music’ Award, The Jeebon Roy Welfare Music Institute Award for her contribution to Khasi music, dance and literature, the South Africa based Lady of Hope Award for her contribution to Indian literature and many more. 

Kong Silbi is a member of different literary and social organisations such as the All India Poetess Association, Poetry Society of India, Ka Thiar Lyngwiar Dpei, Kala Utsav, Khasi Jaintia Welfare Organisation and the N.E.Z.C.C among others. Some of her publications include, Poetry on ‘Ka Jingshai Ki Kynthei Mynta’, First Anthology of Khasi Poetry, Short Drama – U Kylland bad U Symper and ‘Ka Put Ka Tem U Khasi’ and original Khasi Instruments (Ka Sur Nongkyndong). 

At present, Kong Silbi runs an institute of Khasi Jaintia for Folk Dance, Folk Songs and Traditional Musical Instruments. She is a committed social worker and also a member of the Meghalaya Scout Guide Fellowship. 

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