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  • writer, professor & journalist who was born & partly grew up in Meghalaya.
  • began his career in journalism as a sports journalist in Calcutta in 1994
  • He has written 2 novels and a nonfiction book
  • His first novel, The Point of Return, is set in a fictional hill station that closely resembles Shillong. His second novel, Surface is also set in Northeast India
  • The non-fiction book 'The Beautiful & The Damned' won him the PEN/Open Book or Beyond the Margin award in 2012
  • He has also contributed to prestigious publications like The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The Nation, New Statesman, Harper's, the London Review of Books, and The Times Literary Supplement.
  • He currently teaches creative writing at The New School in New York…


  • early days of growing up in Shillong –school, where he grew up, memories
  • days as a sports journalist in Calcutta
  • journey from Journalism  to writing novels
  • About his 1st Novel ‘Point of Return’
  • About his 2nd Novel ‘Surface’
  • About his award winning Non-fiction book 'The Beautiful & The Damned'
  • His thoughts on Meghalaya turning 50
  • How Meghalaya shaped him as a writer
  • The art that Meghalaya has produced over the last 49 years – his favourites
  • Regional language & English writing
  • His current job & upcoming work 



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