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Rudi Warjri

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Riewad Vicharwant Warjri (Rudi Warjri) retired from the Indian Foreign Service after almost 36 years of service. He served in different diplomatic capacities abroad in Nairobi, Budapest, Colombo, New York and as Ambassador to Peru, High Commissioner to the Sultanate of Brunei & Ambassador to Colombia.  Bah Rudi also served in the headquarters at the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi and was in deputation to the Lok Sabha Secretariat working closely with late Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

Bah Rudi also worked as a United Nations official in Cambodia, where he was detained by the armed to the teeth Khmer Rouge guerillas and earlier as First Secretary at High Commission of India, Colombo where he worked closely with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in repatriating Tamil Refugees from Tamil Nadu back to Sri Lanka as part of the 1987 Indo - Sri Lanka accord

Post his retirement, Bah Rudi is actively promoting Sports in Meghalaya especially Marathon running which has benefited a large number of youth who have represented Meghalaya and also India in competitions abroad. He also delivers lectures for the Ministry of External Affairs and other Think Tanks on Act East Policy etc; Bah Rudi also serves in the Board of Directors of Tata group companies, Meghalaya Government and several academic and charitable institutions

As a teenager, he was a  Volunteer of Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) for the Hill  State Movement  and participated in the  picketing of then Assam Secretariat  in Shillong on  September 10 , 1968 ,  which led to the creation of Meghalaya .  

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