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Keith Wallang is one of the leading music industry professionals not just in Meghalaya but in India as a whole. He has been in the business for close to 40 years in various avatars - an artist manager, event organiser and of course, a musician himself who has played for seminal bands like The Great Society and Mojo

He is also the founder of Springboard Surprises - a specialist event and communications firm that is behind some of the most iconic events in the state like the Roots Festival Tour, The Guinness World Record event for the largest drum ensemble, Campus Rock Idol, Meghalaya Autumn Festival and many more

Keith is the driving force behind  the NH7 Weekender Festivals coming to Meghalaya and has either produced, promoted, managed or done production for some Blockbuster International concerts by Sepultura, Air Supply, Micheal Learns to Rock and Firehouse to name a few.

His firm Springboard Surprises now works with artists, musicians, film-makers, producers & directors. It is a pioneer in its field in the Northeast and has played a fundamental role in the development of the arts and entertainment industry in the region.

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