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The Community Space

The State of Meghalaya would not be what it is if not for the support of its people. The Statehood Movement gained intensity only after the people lent their voices in the form of Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) and many other similar ways of protest.

The Community Space is a place where you can lend your voice to the history of Meghalaya and the movement that made the creation of the state possible.

Be a part of history!

Fill in the form below and send us your stories about old Meghalaya. These stories can also include

  1. Anecdotes about the Statehood Movement (your parents or grandparents’ stories)
  2. Photos that you think are from that time or would be something interesting to share
  3. Anything you feel has relevance and would be much cherished if shared.

If you feel that someone from your family would like to share but can’t express themselves in English, then do not worry! Send in the submissions in the language you are most comfortable with and we will translate it for you.

If your contribution is selected, we will put it up on the website and credit you for it as well.

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