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Mr Ahmed Hossain was born in Shillong to an illustrious business family that started many of the first businesses in Shillong including a bank, a departmental store, Meghalaya's first transport service to Guwahati and many others. However, his artistic calling meant that he took up photography as a career instead of his family's business. He started his career in Kolkata in the early 60s working for reputed Advertising & Communication agencies like Adland, Grant, PPS and JWT

Mr Hossain is a pioneering photographer who has photographed many important events, occasions and personalities. He extensively documented Bangladesh's war of independence and has had the opportunity to take photographs of Mrs Indira Gandhi, former Presidents Giani Zail Singh, V.V Giri and Fakruddin Ali Ahmed and other important personalities like Morarji Desai among others

In 1971, he started one of Meghalaya's most famous photo studios Karuz Photographers 

Mr Hossain has extensively documented the life and culture of all the seven North Eastern states of India and till today governments, NGOs, academic institutions, media organisations and private organisations still use Mr Hossain's photographs for their projects. The University of California in collaboration with Gauhati University is now in the process of archiving all his negatives. 


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