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Adremelech are of the best and most influential metal bands in Meghalaya ever with their own mythology and almost cult like following that has probably never been seen since The Great Society. The band was formed in the early 90's doing local gigs with Batlang on vocals, Rang on bass, Rachel or 'Shal' on drums and Dan and on guitars. The brothers Eugene and Ernie joined after a year or two making the music more challenging. The last member of the band, Muz (vocals) joined them after they met in the North east Sun gig in New Delhi.

Unheard of at the time, the band started covering bands like Sodom, Kreator, Tool, Testament, Anthrax, Sepultura, King Diamond and Pantera apart from originals of their own. The band’s gigs at local fetes are legendary but they've also performed at national level festivals like 'Mood Indigo' in IIT Powai and gigs organised by the North East Sun

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